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uglybettyfic's Journal

Ugly Betty Fanfiction
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Memories Last Updated: July 28th, 2007


Based off the telenovela "Betty La Fea", Ugly Betty is one of the best shows on television. (If you don't believe us, ask the critics). We've created this community for any and all fanfiction written for the UB world. Post your own fics here or read what we already have. We welcome all pairings, het and slash, no matter how obscure!


1. Be polite! Criticism is a writer's best friend, but there's a big difference between that on a flame. Tell someone they suck, and you're just telling us not to take you seriously. Do it more than once, and you're telling us to ban you.

2. Please use LJ cuts on anything longer than a drabble (100 words), or if you use any images in your work! Respect people's friend's list and they'll respect you.

3. Outside of the cut, please at least give the title (optional), rating, character/pairing, a disclaimer, and any warnings for your fic. A quick summary would also be helpful, but only if you want to!

4. Have fun! Whether you're writing or reading, we want you to have a good time!