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There is a new comm that will be hosting MULTIFANDOM ANGST MEMES for you to participate and enjoy!

Four times in year and we are starting in three weeks, July 12 is the date you need to remember. So come over and join seasonal_angst !

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more post-finale fic begging

I was thinking I'd love to see a post-finale future-fic where Betty and Daniel go to her high school reunion in Queens (so, 2-3 years from now? can't remember if Betty is 25 or 26...) with a possible run-in with Kimmie and whoever else probably made Betty's life hell for 4 years. Thoughts?


While I know there's a lot of post-finale fic out there now (and I'm pretty sure I've read all of it), I really need more...preferably with good grammar :-)

I also kind of like the idea of instead of Betty being offered a job in London at that point, Betty spending more time with the Meades...and Tyler. Tyler finding himself interested in Betty and Daniel freaking out about it and therefore realizing he loves Betty...does anyone want to write that? I think it'd be nifty even if it's not really canon since Tyler is into Amanda.
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A fic pairing/challenge question

i have this really sweet quirky idea for a short fic about two recurring characters from the show hooking up.
i have no idea how to work with this idea, since those characters are two of my least favorites ones. i can see this pairing working but i am befuddled as to how to develop it.
pretty much i am either looking for someone to bounce off ideas and maybe a cowriter or someone who might actually be interested in writing this.

i'm not sure how much more i can post without going against the rules of the community so i'll stop now.

i'll just add that the pairing is that of the most saccharine like characters of.... Henry and Molly (had she not died)
so now you understand why i'm a bit stuck?

any help would do.
this can be a really cool challenge.
America & Eric

The Fishbowl Vignettes: Completed Series

Remember these?

The Fishbowl Vignettes
Author: Samantha samirant
Overall Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Ugly Betty
Pairing: Daniel/Betty
Summary: The simple journey between friendship and love.

Timeline: The Grown Up Table --> Double Singles --> Prelude --> Get A Clue --> Common Knowledge --> Private Property --> Reasoning --> Lead the Way

If you do (which means you have an excellent memory as this series was begun three years ago), I'd like to present the two final installments. Private Property fits somewhere in the middle and the series now has an epilogue named Lead the Way to call it's own. I hope you enjoy them and, if you do, please leave a review. Links lead to my LJ.

Letters from New York (Prologue)

Title: Letters from New York
Rating: T
Plot: When Naomie Manson's mother dies, she is put under the care of her uptight, estranged grandmother. Desperate to get out of her care, she uncovers the identity of her father, who is  none other than Daniel Meade. She then heads to the big city to find him, and finds herself in a whole new world. 
Author's Note: Just something I've been thinking about for a while. It's a multi-chaptered fic. :)
Aqui: 'Here' 
Okaasan: 'Mom' in Japanese
Arigatou: 'Thank you' in Japanese
A little child

The meaning in a name

Title: The meaning in a name
Author: Nanyscia
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or other stuff related. They're affairs of ABC, Silvio Horta and I really don't know who else.
Plot: Fey always got what she wanted. She wanted her daughter to have a good life, and all she never had. So she planned every single detail... but she was equally surprised.

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